Welcome to the website of the Medical Mission Sisters of the District East Africa.
The Medical Mission Sisters (The Society of Catholic Medical Missionaries) is an international missionary congregation within the Catholic Church. There are over 600 women from 22 different nations with a membership. MMS was founded in 1925 in Washington DC, by a young Austrian doctor named Anna Dengel
Our Mission is the promotion of health, healing and wholeness in the spirit of Jesus the Healer. We live out this mission in 15 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America.
The District East Africa includes the countries Kenya and Uganda. In the following pages you learn more about us. Our living, work, projects and people we work with.
"Drawn by God
present in the centre of our being
and in all created life,
and in the spirit of Jesus, sign of hope and contradiction,
we are women of many cultures and from many nations.
  We are called
to be a healing presence at the heart of a wounded world,
to witness to the integrity of all creation,
and to build one world
where the gifts of all people,
all cultures, all creation
are affirmed and celebrated.
We commit ourselves to promote healing and wholeness in all aspects of life,
to seek to preserve the integrity of life
and to act where this integrity is threatened,
to participate in the movement of empowerment
of those made poor and those who are oppressed,
weaving care and compassion into the web of life.
  Together with others similarly called,
we participate in the birth of a new world reality
as we link our lives with those made poor,
with those who suffer,
with those who are victims of systemic injustice..."
(Medical Mission Sisters Constitution)