Kenya is one of the well known countries of Africa. Especially the rich nature of the country is very famous. When you expect to find something about the rich environment in this site, we have to disappoint you. For this there are a lot of other beautiful site to tell you about this. In this site we want to tell something about the work of the Medical Mission Sisters in Kenya. On the next page you'll find some facts and figures about Kenya.

The Medical Mission Sisters in Kenya are working in two areas. One is in the capital Nairobi and the other one is in a very rural area near Homa Bay in the village of Ang'iya

On the left you'll see a situation map of Kenya. Clearly you'll see the capital Nairobi. On the left you see Ang'iya. Ang'iya is a very small village which you don't find on any map so we had to add the location of Ang'iya by ourself.
Map of Kenya Ang'iya