Our District Team

We, the members of the District East Africa, are coming from five different nations and from many different cultures and tribal backgrounds. All communities are multicultural and multi-ethnic. We are living across tribal lines and we can be instrumental in tackling this intricate subject. It is an opportunity to address family and tribal issues for the good of the whole Society and indeed for the whole Church and look at how tribal conflicts affect community living.
Map of District East Africa

On the right side you see the map of Uganda and Kenya. This is the area of our district East Africa. Also you see four red dots. These red dots represent the places where our missions are situated. In Uganda we live and work in the capital Kampala and in the rural area of Rubanda. In Kenya we are in the capital Nairobi and in the rural village Ang'iya in the neighborhood area of Homa Bay near Lake Victoria.

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map is taken from googlemaps, with thanks.